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OpenUp connects people all around the world with an interest in food and packaging!


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PhD course in Research Innovation

Posted on Apr 11 by

  Today Amanda Magnusson from OpenUp presented OpenUp at Lund University’s course for PhD students within Life Science in Research Innovation. The aim of the course...


Food Valley of Bjuv-seminar

Posted on Apr 10 by

Today we attended Findus and Livsmedel i Fokus’s seminar about Food Valley of Bjuv, which is a very interesting initiative from Findus where they are planning on gathering...


Packaging opens up for opportunities

Posted on Mar 25 by

At Packbridge’s after 3 seminar today, the focus was on how packaging can add extra value to a product. Amanda Magnusson from OpenUp was one of the speakers of the day, and...


The meal of opportunities

Posted on Mar 21 by

Today we attended the seminar “The meal of opportunities” with focus on meals for elderly at Mat & Vin i Slottsparken. The seminar started with the two renowned...


Workshop with Small scale food producers

Posted on Mar 19 by

Thanks to all 40 participants who attended our workshop together with Smaka på skåne and TransforMAT! So incredibly inspiring with such power and energy! On the 19th March more...


Open Innovation Training Programme

Posted on Mar 18 by

Skåne Food Innovation Network have initiated an Open Innovation Training Programme with 8 young proffessionals from the food industry. With workshops, cases, study visits and...


Dragons at the University

Posted on Mar 13 by

Today we attended Lund’s University’s version of The Dragon’s Den, were 5 competing teams pitched their ideas to five venture capitalists. After the pitches and...


Fusion between fashion and food

Posted on Mar 4 by

The two worlds of fashion and food seems to have many things in common, why not try to combine them?! Therese Östberg and The Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen completed their...


OpenUp Workshop 3/3

Posted on Mar 3 by

Today we organized this years’ first workshop with the aim to give a brief introduction to Open Innovation and explain how to easily benefit from OpenUp. “What we...


Make use of external expertise with one click

Posted on Feb 28 by

During the last Packbridge after 3, OpenUp arranged a time-limited challenge with the aim to hear  the OpenUp users’ thoughts and ideas regarding if packaging can be seen...


Skåne Food Festival

Posted on Feb 7 by

On the 23th-25th May it is world premiere for the Skåne Food Festival, which is arranged by Skåne Food Innovation Network! The Food Festival will be held in Brösarp on Österlen...