10 tips on how to open up to innovation

10 tips on how to open up to innovation

How do you become more innovative and what can you do to increase the pace of innovation in your organisation or in the industry that you are a part of? After three years of collaboration on OpenUp, Skåne Food Innovation Network and Packbridge are now releasing a handbook with our best innovation tips.

Since 2012, Skåne Food Innovation Network and Packbridge have driven the joint project Consumer-driven Open Innovation for Food packaging, where we have developed the digital innovation platform OpenUp.

– The project has been very important for Packbridges development. We have gained a broader understanding of how we can implement open innovation processes and how we can continue to develop the innovation landscape between food and packaging. And of course we want more! says Johan Mårtensson, project leader and newly appointed CEO of Packbridge.

Our main learnings from the project are the opportunities and challenges of working with open innovation, cross-border collaboration and digital collaboration. With the completion of the project we are now releasing a handbook, in which we have gathered our best innovation tips. The tips are among other things addressing the value of daring to share one’s expertise, the need to create security for those who want to be active in an open innovation process, and that one should not be afraid of conflicts that may arise during the process.

– The project has focused on the value of sharing your skills and knowledge. So releasing this handbook seems like a perfect conclusion of the project. By sharing our actual experiences and lessons, we hope to inspire people to dare to do the same, says Amanda Magnusson, Skåne Food Innovation Network.

So, with the launch of this handbook the project ends, but certainly not the collaboration between Skåne Food Innovation Network and Packbridge.

– There is much to gain by collaborating across industry boundaries and we will absolutely continue with this in the future, concludes Johan Mårtensson.

The handbook can be downloaded in digital form here: Open up to innovation