Do you want to know more?

It is of the utmost importance for us to spread the knowledge we have collected during the project. Therefore we are more than happy to come to you and tell you more about our experiences and what we’ve learned. We are also always very interested in learning more ourselves, so you presumably can teach us something, too!

Johan Mårtensson

+46 766 45 65 35


Packbridge is an international packaging and logistics cluster founded in 2010. We are a fast-growing network for the packaging industry and all of its interested parties – customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. The idea with Packbridge is to create a meeting place that naturally pairs industry with academia, research with commercial application and – maybe most important – people with people.

Amanda Magnusson

Head of communication
Skåne Food Innovation Network/Livsmedelsakademin
+46 705 86 32 71

Skåne Food Innovation Network

In the past 20 years, Skåne Food Innovation Network (Livsmedelsakademin in Swedish) has created opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship within the food industry. We gather actors that together want to develop the future of food. Skåne Food Innovation Network was founded by the industry to advance questions that are larger than an individual actor could pursue. Today we also represent actors within academia and the public sector.

What is a cluster organization?

A cluster organization brings together actors within an industry or a specific area and advances questions that are larger than an individual actor could pursue.