Forum FLEX 2015 in Brazil

Forum FLEX 2015 in Brazil

We are now home after a great trip to Brazil. We have met interesting people, visited interesting company, done serious trend spotting, visited a trade fair, and perhaps most importantly presented our work at the conference Forum FLEX 2015.

The reason for our trip to Brazil was that we were invited to present our work with OpenUp at the conference Forum FLEX 2015, which was organized by ABIEF, an organization that focuses on flexible plastic packaging. The conference was held in Sao Paolo, in connection to the annual packaging exhibition Fispal Technologica.

The interest in innovation and collaboration among conference participants was great, partly because the flexible packaging market in Brazil is not exactly booming at the moment.

Before our presentation we had the pleasure of listening to an interesting presentation from Patrick Teyssonneyre, Director of Innovation at Braskem. Braskem was named as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company in 2014 and is among other behind the bioplastic Tetra Pak today use in their totally biobased packaging. Patrick described how Braskem is applying open innovation and collaboration to remain successful in an increasingly competitive market.

The interest in our work with OpenUp and our findings from the project seemed to be great from all participants at the conference. After our presentation, we had many interesting discussions, including with representatives from Braskem, Nestlé and Unesp. Also ABIEF who invited us there were very happy and now wishes to initiate further collaboration.

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