OpenUp launches it’s foresight report: Future Retail!

OpenUp launches it’s foresight report: Future Retail!

The report is an inspiring and stimulating analysis of the Swedish food retail arena and includes a number of retail issues that are considered to be important in order to stay successful and competitive in the future, as well as a couple of intriguing suggestions of what might be the next big thing.

Increasing e-commerce, urbanisation, competition and consumer power are only a few of the many challenges that the retail sector and all related actors are facing within the next couple of years. However, with challenges come possibilities and those actors that accept the challenges have the possibility of becoming very successful.

Our hope is that some of these challenges can find a solution in OpenUp.

The entire report is free and is published on OpenUp.If you don’t have an account yet. Just sign in!

We would like to invite and encourage everyone to take part in the discussions about our findings about the future retail arena.

What do you think the future retail arena look like? How and where will we in the future buy our food? 

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