In recent years, we have been running a project about how one can increase the development rate of new products, services and working relationships through open innovation, cross-boundary collaboration and digital collaboration. The most important thing we learned is about how much there is to win by opening up and sharing experiences. So now we’re doing that.

Here you go – here are our best tips on how you can be more innovative!

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During this project we have devloped a workshop methodology in how to run an open innovation process through cross-boundary collaboration and digital collaboration.

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No-one is an expert about everything!

900 problem-solvers from all over the world has been part of our digital community OpenUp. Watch the movie, learn  about the community and log in to take part of all challenges and ideas.

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Future public meals

More than 3 million public meals are daily served in Sweden! In 2013 the Swedish public sector’s procurement of food amounted to 9.6 billion SEK, and this accounts for approximately 4% of the total Swedish food consumption. How will the public meals be like in the future?

Future retail

Increasing e-commerce, urbanisation and consumer power are only a few of the many challenges that the retail sector and all related actors are facing within the next couple of years. However, with challenges come possibilities and those actors that accept the challenges have the possibility of becoming very successful.

How do you become more innovative and what can you do to increase the rate of innovation in the organization you work for or the industry you are a part of? As a cluster organization, it is one of our most important missions to create new opportunities for innovation as society develops and demand changes.

What we did!

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Our tips and experiences is also written down in the handbook Open up to innovation. Here you can download it as an pdf.

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It is of the utmost importance for us to spread the knowledge we have collected. Therefore we are more than happy to come to you and tell you more about our experiences and what we’ve learned.

OpenUp is a collaboration by Skåne Food Innovation Network and Packbridge, funded by Tillväxtverket.