OpenUp at Skåne Food Festival

OpenUp at Skåne Food Festival

This weekend it was finally time for Skåne Food Festival in beautiful Brösarp in Sweden, and of course OpenUp was participating to discuss innovation, packaging, trends and the future!

OpenUp hosted the festival theme Opportunities of Tomorrow, where festival visitors could meet young entrepreneurs, try out packages made out of algea and taste both insects and Tomelilla Municipality’s school meals. The interest in the theme was great, not least concerning the school meals: “It is really great that the public meal is here to manifest itself“, we heard a visitor say.

We from OpenUp took the opportunity to present some of our results from our focus on the future of school meals, and we decided to ask the visitors to help us elect the winner of our challenge How should the future school meal be. All the ideas that have been submitted to the challenge was very appreciated by the visitors, and in total we gathered hundreds of votes during the festival. The winner of the challenge will be announced on the 17th June!

With us throughout the festival we also had the student ambassadors of Skåne Food Innovation Network. The students helped us with two cases, namely, “How does the future school meal look like?” and “How will the digitization affect the food sector?“. The students used the entire food festival (both exhibitors and visitors) and organized workshops to unravel in the two issues. Their results were presented on the stage of Opportunities of Tomorrow, and they will also be posted on the web shortly.

Our stage, in front of the tent, was very popular among festival visitors. Here you could listen to everything from panel discussions about the future of retail, to conversations with trend experts and so-called Science slams, where university researchers presented their latest research in food and meals.

As you can imagine, we are very satisfied with the weekend and we are already looking forward to next Food Festival!