OpenUp in Tallin

OpenUp in Tallin

Over 70 people came to listen to OpenUp:s Johan Mårtensson when he held a presentation on the latest packaging and retail trends at Äripäev, Estonia’s largest business newspaper’s retail seminar in Tallinn, on  February 27.

The conference was held in a renovated vodka factory and the atmosphere was great! Tallin is somewhat reminiscent of Malmo with its history as an industrial city that has recently been converted into a city with a large number of IT companies.

Johan’s presentation highlighted that Millennials (18-35 years) and Baby Boomers (60-70 years) will be the most influential buying target groups in the future and that retailers and brand owners must adapt their offering to their specific needs. He also raised that the digitization is starting to influence the packaging industry and which opportunities this creates.

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