Packbridge Research Forum 2015

Packbridge Research Forum 2015

Today we attended Packbridge Research Forum, which is a conference where a great variety of researchers are presenting their packaging related research for the packaging industry.

During the day we have listened to 14 interesting and very different researchers who for example have talked about consumer behavior, environmentally sustainable packaging, food waste and the future packaging materials, see the full list of speakers here.

One aspect that many speakers touched during their presentations was the fact that many consumers still believe that packaging is just unnecessary waste. A solution to this problem that was stressed is the need for consumer education and information. Another strategy might be to increase the consumer value that the packaging offers.

IMG_8906A packaging innovation that was presented is a completely fiber-based bottle that Søren Østergaard from the Danish Technological Institute proudly presented. Although there will still be a couple of years until the bottle is on the market the future is promising. Carlsberg is already part of the development, with the hope that in the future be able to replace their glass bottles with a fiber-based beer bottle.

An interesting observation from the day is that the need for collaboration and cooperation across borders is still great. In the interesting panel discussions that followed the individual presentations, several of the speakers found common interests, even though they originated from very different areas of expertise.


Similarly as during Top Packaging Summit in October 2014, OpenUp was today used as the forum where the audience could ask their questions to the speakers. The upside of this is that even though there wasn’t enough time so that all questions could be answered during the conference, the speakers and the audience can connect on OpenUp after the event. If you want to take part in the discussion, visit the forum here.