Student workshop about the future school meal

Student workshop about the future school meal

What happens if you take the latest food trends from London and combines them with the future school meal? What ideas can you get if you try to think about school meals in a new way and what trends from the street of London could affect how future school children eat? This was questions that we wanted to answer and thus we invited students to a workshop.

Prior to the workshop, the participants listened to a presentation about the food trends spotted on the streets of London this spring, under the theme Borders become blurred.

The workshop began with that the participants were asked to share what memories they had attached to their school meals when they were kids. We discussed what foods is associate with school meals, how the school canteen was designed, the social exchange that appeared and finally how we remembered the atmosphere.

The workshop participants seemed to have much positive to say about school meals, but there were also a lot of opinions on what could be improved.

I remember that I was quite satisfied with the school meals, and what mainly could have been improved was probably the atmosphere in the canteen. It felt like everything was designed to be as efficient as possible.” said Gerda Sidwall Thygesen who is studyinh Industrial Economics at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

We then started focusing on the London trends and the workshop participants were asked to think freely about how the future school meal could be interpreted based on these trends. Ugliful, KidultThe concealed and Everything is a café were some of the trends discussed. Some trends were more difficult than others to brainstorm around, but during the workshop’s two hours more than 100 ideas emerged!

“I thought it was great to work like this in a very creative and relaxed atmosphere! It felt like there were no restrictions or strange ideas.” says Matilda Yng, who study Biotechnology at Lund University.

Examples of ideas from the workshop is that the school canteen could serve as a “pop-up” in various places in the school and that odd interior details might change the canteen image. Gerda Sidwall Thygesen shares one of her ideas:

“I think it would be great if the kids got to be involved in the cooking or at least in the design of the menus. I would at least liked to help out in the kitchen or with the menus at my school! This would probably also be a way of reducing the food waste.”

Erica Ek

Erica Ek, who is writing her bachelor thesis in collaboration with Skåne Food Innovation Network was one of the workshop participants and she believes that it is good to try to look att the school meals from a new perspective:

In order to develop, I think it is important to dare to try something new without being limited. See the possibilities! I will take the ideas that were raised during the workshop and let them inspire me for my thesis, with the aim of discussing school meals from a new perspective.

The workshop resulted in that three ideas were selected and conceptualized further. These have now been shares as ideas in the OpenUp challenge about the future school meal:

We hope that these ideas can inspire new thinking for the future of school meals.

Now it’s your turn – visit OpenUp and contribute with your thoughts in our challenge How should future school meal be? Take the chance to win 3000 SEK!