Trends in Tokyo

Trends in Tokyo

We have now spent our first day in Tokyo, Japan, and we have already seen loads of interesting and inspiring food and packaging trends! Since OpenUp is all about sharing knowledge we have created 3 different photo albums that we hope will inspire and be a vital part of your future innovation processes. 

The variety of food products in Japan is huge and the Japanese brands are very good in designing beautiful packaging that adds extra value.

Here are some food examples:

  • Street Food
  • Mustard & Ketchup
  • Ice Coffee
  • Packed fish
  • Singel packed fruit
  • Fruit as a gift
  • Beautiful traditional design
  • Manga Protein powder
  • Cute Milk

Creating a extraordinary  shopping experience is of vital importance here in Tokyo and we have experienced many "beautiful packaged" concept stores. Such as Chanel, Boss, Ralph Lauren, Mr Bean, Lanine, To cool for school, and all the different food shops in the metro and gallerias. 

Here are some store concepts:

  • Happy food store
  • Mr bean. Soy products is extremely trendy
  • Feel and peel. Japanese service mentality
  • A great example on how packaging can add value
  • The total store package shows the brand
  • The total store package shows the brand
  • No space it to small for a food experience

The culture of the multi-million city is very different compared to Sweden. They use every precious square meter in a valuable way and utilize technology to simplify the everyday life and increase the customer experience and service.

  • Intense but beautiful
  • Metro lunch
  • Japanese quote: "Preserve the love. Wear a condom"
  • health is of vital importance
  • 3D advertising
  • No one leaves home without their smart phone
  • The city of contrast: Everyone is rushing but "do not rush"

We hope you will enjoy some of the many pictures that we have taken so far. There are plenty more to come!

Please share your thoughts and comments below.