What we did

Between 2012 and 2015, Skåne Food Innovation Network and Packbridge, two of Skånes biggest cluster initiatives, ran the project ”Consumer-driven open innovation for food packaging.”

We know from experience that opportunities for new inspiration, knowledge exchange and networking are important prequisites for new innovations to arise. We have seen these effects in our respective clusters. With this project, we wanted to raise the bar and do something that has not been done before.

  • We wanted to work together across borders and make use of the potential that exists at the exciting intersection of two industries – the food industry and the packaging industry.
  • We wanted to challenge ourselves and our members by being confronted with new ways to innovate based on openness, trust and a will to learn from each other.
  • We wanted to create a digital arena to increase the opportunities for collaboration and open up our networks as much as possible – for one another and for others.

The project has had a large influence on the development of Packbridge and Skåne Food Innovation Network as organizations. We have gained a wider understanding of our respective strengths and weaknesses and how we can successfully work with cluster collaboration. We have identified opportunities and challenges with cross-boundary collaboration, open innovation and digital collaboration and developed models and methods for dealing with these. We have created a digital platform – OpenUp – to exchange ideas and solve challenges together with others and the help of open innovation. During the project’s time, OpenUp has connected 900 problem solvers from across the world with an interest in food, packaging or questions where they intersect. We have developed foresight reports, conducted trendspotting, offered guidance, arranged workshops to inspire and stimulate and increased competence levels and collaboration within and between our networks.

Our lessons and experiences will now be put to use in new development projects and spread in the accumulated networks of Packbridge and Skåne Food Innovation Network.

In this handbook, we have collected our utmost important conclusions to spread them further – to you. Click on the pics to read some of our best tips on you can get a bit more innovative by using open innovation, cross-boundery collaboration and digitala collaboration.

Our tools for an increased rate of innovation: