Winners announced in the Please Release Me-challenge

Winners announced in the Please Release Me-challenge

It is a well-known fact that it sometimes can be hard to access packaging content. Ever since the modern consumer packaging was born for seventy years ago, openability have been a topic for discussion.

Openability of packaging is a complex issue, given the vast variety of packaging and packing materials available on the market, but ideas and solutions exist. This was shown when Packbridge published the challenge Please release me on OpenUp.

During the challenge period twenty ideas on how to improve the openability of packaging were submitted and a great discussion on this important subject arose around the challenge and its ideas. Except for great ideas and comments, perhaps the greatest result from this challenge is the large number of people who via the challenge found new like-minded contacts to continue collaborating with.

An American winner

At Packbridge after 3, on the 26th February the winner of the challenge was announced. The jury, consisting of experienced professionals from the packaging industry, choose William Perell, for his PopPack idea as the winner. This is the jury’s motivation:

This winner expressed with his idea a creative new way to open flexible packages with a simple pressure on the body of the packaging. When the PopPack bubble is popped, the release of air ruptures the package´s seal. This makes it easy for an individual to open the package without tearing, ripping or using scissors or knives. All in all this is a very smart solution, providing assurance that the contents are fresh, well-sealed and have not been tampered, while at the same time easy to open and re-close. We hope that the packaging industry will adopt this technology in many of their flexible packaging solutions.  

PopPack is a packaging concept developed in California, USA. The solution can be applied for several packaging types, but it is especially flexible packaging that is the target. Mr Perell couldn’t attend the award ceremony in person, but he sent a video from Japan, were he expressed his joy about that his idea won the challenge:

“We are honored to receive the first prize award for the OpenUp challenge. Pop-pack is committed to making packaging easier to open with the contents more accessible to consumers, reducing packaging waste, while also saving food and product waste all with a simple pop of a bubble”

William Perell

William Perell (in the middle) together with his partners

Three people received the jury’s honorary mention

Due to their great participation and activity during the challenge, the jury decided to award three persons with honorary mentions, and tickets for Packbridge Research Forum, in Lund the 7th May:

Hans Hedlund for contributing with his solution “a hole that isn’t a hole” which can be used for many different packaging types.

Nathalie Agnekil and Anna Lindow from the school Broby Grafiska in Sunne, Sweden for their idea Lättöppnade förpackningar bör vara en självklarhet – vi har lösningen på några vanliga problem (in english: “Easy opening packaging should be a matter of course – we have got solutions for a couple of common problems”).


Eva thanked all participants for taking part of her challenge

A very successful challenge

Eva Norling Gersbro, from Packbridge, who have been the challenge owner is extremely satisfied with the result of the challenge, so far. And since the challenge have become such a success and the discussion is still on-going, Packbridge have decided that the challenge will be kept open some time further.

“This is a subject that I really feel very strongly about. As a physiotherapist I have seen what a big problem it can be to open a package. Thus I want to thank everyone for taking part and for all good ideas and comment, and I hope that we will continue this discussion. So you are more than welcome to continue to take part of the challenge!”, said Eva during the award ceremony

Are you interested in continuing the important discussion about openability of packaging? Log on to OpenUp and take part of the challenge Please release me right away.